Tiana Geer

Tiana enjoys the variety and fast-paced nature of her job. She enjoys being able to support David, his family, and the company. She is currently enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College where she is working on an Associate Degree in Business Administration and UCLA Extension for Project Management. Prior to working at Houck, she worked in the finance industry. Before that, she had a variety of jobs working for a private security company, real estate developer, non-profit organization, and Ford models in NYC. She also was a horse trainer and a jumping instructor.  

Tiana has a passion for learning new things and every day is a new experience at Houck Construction. Houck Construction Inc. has provided her with the space to grow professionally and as an individual where she has been encouraged to grow and further her career. Tiana has had the privilege of being able to attend classes this past year focused on the construction industry. She likes that she can go from implementing new software to planning an event to coordinating travel all in an hour.   

In her free time, she enjoys Horseback riding, drawing, and traveling. Tiana lives with her fiancé and two cats and hopes to have children soon and a dog.