Joshua Blanchard

Joshua’s journey kicked off at the age of 4, tinkering with Legos and now he’s not just building dreams but constructing realities as a skilled finish carpenter, builder, and designer. His superpower? Effortlessly envisioning projects from conception to completion.

With a mastery that spans every phase and trade in construction, Joshua is a true Renaissance builder, seamlessly wearing many hats while maintaining balance and solving problems with finesse.

But wait, there’s more! Joshua is not just a construction virtuoso; he’s a maestro of interpersonal skills. His ability to communicate effectively builds bridges with clients, building department officials, and fellow tradesmen.

In the pursuit of safety, Joshua founded Brave New Build, a non-profit dedicated to crafting non-combustible, fire-safe housing. Check out the groundbreaking work at

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, Joshua spent a decade capturing moments as a professional photographer. Agencies like Getty Images entrusted him with clients such as the NFL, MLB, Cisco Systems, Absolut, and his work graced the pages of Angeleno Magazine.

In a world where Legos paved the way, Joshua Blanchard is the architect of his destiny, blending craftsmanship, compassion, and creativity. Be sure to say hi if you see him around your project!