Christopher Miller

Meet Chris, the unstoppable Project Maestro at Houck Construction! With a knack for turning construction chaos into masterpieces, Chris has conquered the California building scene with flair. He’s not your average manager – he’s the dynamo who brought life to Eano Renovations Inc. and dazzled at Riehl Construction Consulting LLC.

Picture this: Chris, the maestro of renovations and maestro of high-end residential builds. His secret? A laser focus on quality and an unwavering commitment to making clients jump for joy. But wait, there’s more! Chris is not just a construction wizard; he’s a sales and negotiation maestro. His magical touch, honed at Richmond Builders in Houston, turns business growth into an art form.

Now, peel back the professional curtain, and you’ll find an adrenaline junkie. Chris is a motorsport maven, a globe-trotting explorer, a strategic chess genius, and an outdoorsman who camps with the best of them. This guy doesn’t just build dreams; he lives them.

In a nutshell, Chris is not your typical suit-and-tie project manager. He’s the rockstar of renovations, the captain of construction, and the all-around awesome guy you want on your team. Houck Construction hit the jackpot with Chris, and every project he touches turns into pure magic!