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Many of our friends, family, and neighbors in Malibu, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties are ready to forget this wildfire season, and the destruction it has caused — and with good reason. As each day passes, we at Houck are constantly striving to learn more about what we can do better as members of the community to guard against the destruction of wildfires in the future, the heartache it causes, and how we can rebuild better homes for the future.

Inspired By the Past,
& Prepared For the Future

Whether you are looking to restore your home to its former glory, or rebuild the brand new home of your dreams, we will work with you to accomplish your goals using the latest in design and building technology. Plus, we will make sure your newly rebuilt home complies with California's fire resistance and energy efficiency codes, making it a safer, healthier more comfortable place to live for the future. You may not be ready to break ground quite yet, but a free on-site evaluation and fire damage assessment will give you an idea of the work ahead and enable you to plan for that future.

Rebuilding After the Fire? Don’t
Go At it Alone. Start With a Free,
No Obligation On-Site Evaluation

Rebuilding your home after a devastating fire is an enormous undertaking. Like you, many of us at Houck experienced first-hand the destruction caused by the recent fires in Malibu, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, so we also know what it takes to deal with the aftermath. In fact, Houck has helped to found the Emergency Response Sub-Committee of Building Industry Association, an effort dedicated to helping the Southern California community recover and rebuild after this year’s wildfires.

Recovering from Water Damage?
Houck can help here as well

We know it's not just the fire and smoke damage that's wreaked havoc on our Southern California community this past year. Cleaning up and repairing your home after the damaging effects of heavy rains, floods and mudslides is also part of our rebuilding process - and Houck Construction is here for that too! If your house has been damaged or destroyed by water, moisture or mud, the experts at Houck can address every part of your home that's been affected - from your roof to your foundation. Houck is your local, full-service solution for water damage clean-up, mold-remediation, roof leakage repair and full home restoration and rebuild. We even go the extra mile and implement sustainable, preventative measures that will make your home safer and more resistant to damage in the future.

Timeless Style & Elegance,
Built with Integrity & Imagination

The Houck team of designers and builders are heads above the rest when it comes to designing and building incredible homes. From the creation of custom design schematics through the finishing interior touches, your dedicated team works with you to make your vision a reality. So whether you are looking to recreate your original dream home, or take the opportunity to build your dream home of the future, the team at Houck Construction has the experience, skill and integrity that you can trust.

A Local Team By Your Side,
for Every Single Step

The Houck team will work with you from beginning to end on your rebuild. We are a full-service, local design-build contractor, which means you can experience the ease and speed that comes with trusting a single company for your entire home rebuild. We will make sure you see someone within 24 hours of calling, so you don’t have to wait to get started on rebuilding your life. From navigating insurance and permit compliance, to damage assessment, through design, build and management, we will work alongside you to make sure your needs are met, from start to finish.

houck construction in Los Angeles, CA on Houzz
houck construction in Los Angeles, CA on Houzz
houck construction in Los Angeles, CA on Houzz
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