Pali High Artist Wins Houck Annual Thanksgiving Card Contest

Palisades Charter High School student Cece Dale was recently chosen as the winner of Houck Construction’s Thanksgiving Card Design contest—a contest that invited Southern California high school artists to submit an original piece of art that would be used for Houck’s Thanksgiving card.

The ninth-grader said she submitted a piece of work that highlighted the essence of both family and nature.

“I wanted to include nature because the time of the season that Thanksgiving comes around is when the leaves change color,” Dale said to the Palisadian-Post. “But I also feel like Thanksgiving itself is about family, so I wanted to put that in there as well. I ended up drawing a bunch of trees, and in the middle of trees, there is a house.”

She explained that she drew the piece on her iPad and printed it out onto a canvas.

Dale was awarded $1,000 from Los Angeles-based Houck Construction for a college fund, $1,000 matched from Jonathan Carr of Compass Realty and the opportunity to display her artwork at the Malibu Contemporary Art Gallery. She also won coaching sessions by internationally acclaimed photographer Bobbi Bennett.

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The Winning Artwork by Cece Dale, 9th grade, Palisades High

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