Commercial and Multi-Family

Commercial and Multi-Family

Considering a new multi-family or commercial project, or a new development in the Opportunity Zone? As times change, so do the technology and designs. Whether making improvements for an existing property, or planning a new project, owners want to use the latest technology for more exciting and efficient designs and to achieve better energy efficiency. Where do you start? What are the budget and schedule considerations? What about the style, design, and plans? What about complying with all of the regulations? Others wonder if there is an experienced professional that they can trust to take full responsibility for the entire project? These are all valid questions and concerns. So how do you make major decisions like these? Do you have a clear strategy or plan, or do you want to make a decision purely based on past experiences or what you find on the web?

Professionals at Houck Construction have been building and renovating multi-family and commercial projects in Southern California and around the globe since 1978. Houck is honored to have A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Houck design team, led by founder David Houck, will use your requirements to create plans for your project in collaboration with some of the leading architects and engineers. Houck Construction understands that you want to build high quality project within budget and on time. Choose Houck Construction to build or make improvements to your multi-family or commercial project and enjoy our promise of a 5-start experience.

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